Monday, March 17, 2008

Green Beer? Here!

For those of you heading out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this evening (or this week for that matter...this seems increasingly seems like a holiday celebrated for a solid week), The Sierra Club has put out a great blog recommending beers produced in environmentally sustainable ways.

Step1: Add pint of booze (repeat as necessary)
The comments section of their blog is worthy of a read as well because many responsible beer drinkers have chimed in with the names of their favorite enviro-brews. The result is a pretty extensive list of beers that can adopt the mantra, "tastes great, less guilt!" (of the environmental fashion; I can't speak to the caloric content).
Step 2: Share your love of Ireland with the ladies
I am putting in my vote for Wolaver's Organic Pale Ale. It is made in Vermont by Otter Creek brewing. However, I am in Seattle this week, and as I want to be mindful of my pledge to eat (and drink!) locally, I will be sampling the many varieties of beer from the Fish Brewing Company.
Step 3: Well, you know
Happy St. Patrick's Day and remember to eat locally and drink responsibly (environmentally speaking and otherwise, of course!)

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alexis said...

as a newfound beer lover, I really appreciate the green beer guide to help choose beer beverages that are both delicious AND eco-friendly. plus, love the photos of the ever fabulous matty lane.