Friday, June 20, 2008

The Solstice Round Up

The longest day of the year is tomorrow. With summer officially upon us, many of us find ourselves with a bit more time for chillaxin (nope, not my word, but the friend I stole it from is reading this now and smiling). Here are few suggestions about how to spend some of those extra minutes of free time and light:

Mandatory To Do

First, answer these two questions....

1. Are you over 18?

2. Planning on voting in this year's ridiculously important election?

If you answered yes (and I'm sure most of you did), check out your voter registration status on votepoke. You can also encourage friends to do the same with an application that allows you to scroll through your address book and send your contacts a short message alerting them to the votepoke website.

This upcoming election is critical! Make sure you are registered to vote.

Suggested Reading for those Living in NYC and Beyond

Ben Jervey, author of The Big Green Apple, and one of the founders of Evolvist, has launched sustaiNYC, which is "a
reblog covering NYC's sustainability scene." It is informative, entertaining reading, and if you are a New Yorker looking to get the round up of enviro-events, initiatives, and plans, Ben is your go-to man.

Optional Olympic Action

The summer Olympics in Beijing are fast approaching, and the corporate sponsors of the Olympics carry a lot of clout (i.e. cash). Today is Dream for Darfur's National Day of Action, and you can take action by sending this message to the major Olympic corporate sponsors asking them to urge China (the Sudanese government's partner in trade and diplomacy) to take tangible steps to stop the genocide in Darfur. Read more about the situation in Darfur at the Dream for Darfur website.

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