Friday, July 4, 2008

A Movement in Several Parts - A Reading Intermission

Happy 4th! With our move now less than two weeks away, I have decided to tackle the bookshelves.

While we are trying to lighten our cross-country load as much as possible, I refuse to part with the majority of my books. I admit it; as a writer and avid reader, I am also a book hoarder. Perhaps there are support groups for people like me?

I did a little searching on the good old world wide web of information, and while I did not find a support group, I did find the next best thing - a place to swap the books I am willing to part with - And yes, there are a few, like From Myst to Riven (which has something to do with two video games, and which seems to be a treasure for someone since it has already been requested). By the way, that book totally belonged to my husband, which, while earning me points for taste, earns me no points for reducing my book pile.

From Nerd to Super Geek

Still, once I make the tough choices (do I really need three copies of Pride and Prejudice?) the process of swapping these books couldn't be easier. Here's how it works:
  • Join Paperback Swap and post the books that you would like to swap. Books on CD and hardcovers can be swapped too -I guess Paperback, Hardcover and Book on CD Swap is a bit of a mouthful.
  • You will be notified by email when other members have requested your books.
  • Print mailing labels from the link provided and send your books off using the media mail rate (it's the cheapest). You pay for postage on your end and another member pays postage when they mail a book to you.
  • As soon as your book is received by the requester, you receive one credit towards a book of your choice on the website.
  • Check out the millions of books listed (2,308,700) at the time of this writing, and request that they be sent to you. In our case, of course, we will wait to request any books until we reach Seattle!
  • If you don't see a book you want, add it to your "wish list," and you will be notified as soon as another member posts the book to swap.
  • For the price of postage (generally between $1.50-$3.00), you have millions of new books to choose from - of course, you can see why the book hoarder likes this service!

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leigh said...


I just wanted to pose another option for moving heavy items that can fit into a box.

When I moved from RI to CA, we actually sent everything via Amtrak. We did not have anything bigger than a box. Wait, I lie - we had one item bigger than a box - our 1985 era microwave which we drove with us.

We had considered hauling our things with a uHaul, or perhaps renting space on a truck, or even getting a Pod. In the end, we sold all of our furniture via signs and craigslist. Then we boxed everything and arranged with Newark NJ's Amtrak station to drop off our boxes. They weighed them and I think it cost about 66cents/pound, which is a cheap rate.

Our boxes were delivered about 10days later at the Amtrak stop in Davis CA where we were moving. Could not have been easier.

In the end, our drive was more relaxing, safer for the passengers, no wear/tear on the car, and MUCH less gas.

I'm sure someone out there could do the math about gasoline used by the train versus our vehicle, but I am convinced it was the best choice for us.

Here is the link with information for shipping with Amtrak:

cheers and happy and safe moving!