Saturday, August 2, 2008

Buses, Feet, and Fewer Automobiles

Thanks to the combination of my recent relocation and addiction to knowing where I am at all times (I blame my horrendous sense of direction for the latter - if I suggest turning left, turn right...seriously), I just discovered a helpful feature on Google Maps for anyone who does not consider driving to be the only mode of transportation. With gas around $4.00 a gallon that is a fast-growing club.

Now, in addition to getting driving directions on Google Maps, you can also get bus or pedestrian directions. Huzzah! You could easily do this anyway with the Seattle Public Bus System (or any metropolitan transit system website), but Google Maps is one stop shopping for finding my way on any type of transit in my new hometown. Another bonus of finding directions online is that I can send these directions to my phone and avoid printing anything. Less paper, less gas, Google maps...OK, not great - I promise not to try to get a job writing slogans anytime soon!

Our First Hike at Discovery Park in Seattle - On Feet!

The scenery obscured by the glare and my husband's huge melon.

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