Thursday, September 25, 2008

Green Jobs Now - Find an Event Near You!

What is going on with the economy? It seems that everyone can agree that things are really, really bad, but they are having a much harder time agreeing on a solution.

Okay, politicians, show us that you mean it when you say that you are ready for "change", "reform", or whatever platitudes you are using today, and start taking steps to solve the environmental and economic crises by creating green jobs now.

With the majority of the nation saying in polls that the greatest issue of concern in the upcoming election is the economy, there is no better time to send a message to politicians, businesses, and communities that our future depends on sustainable economic development.

This Saturday is the Green Jobs Now National Day of Action. Visit the Green Jobs Now website to sign up to host an event, to find an event near you, or to sign the petition, which is reprinted below:

"I urge our elected officials to invest in creating millions of green jobs and a Clean Energy Corps. We can't drill and burn our way out of the current crisis. We can invest and invent our way out. We can create new pathways out of poverty and curb global warming at the same time. We will do this by retooling our factories, rebuilding our communities, and repowering America with 100% clean and renewable electricity. It's time to build an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty."

It's time to stop panicking or complaining about the economy. It's election season, and the politicians are paying attention. Let's tell them that our energy crisis and economic bailout plan must amount to more than "drill, baby, drill"; rather, let's start with something that is sustainable for people and the

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Amelia said...

Perhaps what is making it hard for the U.S. to go green is that we don't think about being ecologically friendly on a societal level. We don't think about changing how (geographically) we are situated and the jobs that fuel or economy. This is what we need to do to repair our economy and our world.