Monday, December 15, 2008

Greetings...It's Still Paper

'Tis the season for holiday greetings, and while I enjoy receiving a a card or package in the mail as much as the next person, it seems that there must be a way to spread the holiday cheer without using so much stuff. Much of what we use gets thrown away, or in the best case scenario, recycled.

Now I'm certainly not springing into Scrooge mode here; like everyone else, I love the photo cards from friends of their adorable babies and tots.

But if you are sending a card this year, try to buy one with the highest percentage post-consumer recycled content. There are many companies making cool cards on recycled paper including Anne Taintor and Green Field Paper.

One of my fave's from Anne Taintor's collection.

For those of you going the e-route, which is usually free and uses no resources at all, I recommend a perusal of my new favorite e-card sight, someecards. The cards on this website cover most occasions, and they are actually funny, which is something that the vast majority of paper greeting cards often can't lay claim to.

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