Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winter Markets

Come for the cabbage, stay for the crepes

I have been singing the praises of farmers markets for a while now on this blog. I also know that many of you reading this blog may find yourself in an area covered with snow, and therefore might be having a hard time imagining what you could possibly find to eat right now from local farmers. The answer (no matter where you live) is probably plenty.

The ocean offers up its bounty year round...Its mysterious and terrifying bounty

Seattle, which has a temperate climate, has a year-round growing season and a few year-round markets, but even in colder areas like New York, there are still farmers markets selling goods that keep for long periods of time (think apples and potatoes) as well as goods that can be produced year-round like cheese and baked goods. Eating locally minimizes the carbon footprint of your food, and local delicacies are often made with healthier ingredients and therefore usually taste better!

A visit to a winter market is also a great impetus for trying new food - I am currently in love with rutabagas, which can be eaten raw in salads, roasted, or baked. Rutabaga Gratin anyone? Check out Local Harvest to see what's available in your area right now, and check out these pictures from my recent trip to the Sunday Market in the Ballard neighborhood.

Tomatoes are a stretch, but there's plenty of kale, cabbage, potatoes, and other root veggies around

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