Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A new sandwich shop just opened up in my neighborhood in Seattle, and it's some of the best "fast food" I've ever eaten. All of the ingredients at Homegrown are sourced from "organic, local, all-natural, and/or sustainable producers." Clearly not resting on their low-impact laurels, these guys take things a step further by greatly reducing the use of typical to-go packaging, which creates some of the greatest impact at an establishment such as theirs. In order to achieve "sandwich environmentalism", the Homegrown folks use compostable, recycled, and recyclable packaging. If you decide to eat in at the shop, almost everything you use, with the exception of the recycled paper napkins (which are composted), can be washed and used again. Of course, it also doesn't hurt that one can choose from delicious sandwiches and a rotating, seasonal soup menu. If you want to pick up a sandwich with absolutely no waste, consider bringing your own To-Go Ware containers to the shop.

Unexpected for the Northwest, the sign only refers to food.

For those of you who don't frequent the Pacific Northwest, look for these same types of practices in the restaurants you patronize. More and more restaurants and shops are springing up all over the country as awareness grows about the importance of eating locally and producing as little waste as possible in the process.

Of course, for those of you who want to embrace a local diet, you need not go out to eat. Check out Local Harvest to find farmers' markets and other local food purveyors near you. Thanks to my friend Anne for pointing me in the direction of the Mixed Greens blog, which has recipes and adventures to keep Northwest locavores (or any locavores, really) inspired and entertained.

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