Thursday, April 16, 2009

Now About That Storm...

Last week's blog was a repost of my friend Seth Fischer's reaction to the recent Vermont legislation that legalizes same sex marriage. As Seth said, one of the most important variables in the movement towards granting human rights for all is a commitment from everyone to support and pass legislation towards this end.

While there has been predictable "outrage" and expressions of non-specific fear about this new legislation from groups such as Focus on the Family and the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), which made this commercial about a "brewing storm", it is critical that we all work together to expose these types of intolerant, fear-based arguments that have no basis in fact.

Of course a little satirical humor is effective as well, and Steven Colbert's spoof of the NOM's commercial does a good job exposing the nebulous concerns posed by the original, which you should watch first so you can fully appreciate the spoof:

It is up to us to support legislation, legislators, and activists who are working to make same sex marriage legal all over the country.

One organization that has been working hard to educate and lobby is the Human Rights Campaign, and I encourage you to visit their website, sign up for email action alerts, and consider making a donation. HRC's legislative and grassroots campaigns have been highly effective in educating and empowering the public to advocate for basic rights for all.

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