Monday, June 29, 2009

Pour Me No Pesticides Please

I was just in Los Angeles for a few weeks, and of course, I made sure to enjoy all of the local food and drink that California has to offer.

Some of the favorite wines sampled were:

Red Truck Organic Zinfandel
Bonterra Organic Rose
Tarantas Classic Spanish Red - (Not local, but delicious and this vineyard makes several types of red and white organic wine)

Many grocery and wine stores are now devoting entire sections to wines grown without pesticides - some of these are marked "organic", "biodynamic", or "grown pesticide-free" - and more and more wines are being produced with these lower impact practices. No matter where you live, ask your favorite wine store to carry more wines with these labels and inquire about vineyard growing practices at wineries and restaurants you visit.

Do you have a favorite organic wine? Let us know, and I'll compile a list of reader favorites in a subsequent post.

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