Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School with Climate Counts

From backpacks to transportation to and from school, students spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars each fall getting ready to make the transition back to the classroom. One of the easiest ways for back-to-school consumers to make a difference is to make sure to spend those dollars on companies that are working to lower their overall environmental footprint.

Climate Counts offers consumers easy tools with its pocket assessment guide that scores companies based on reduction efforts and commitments. When you consider the billions of dollars that college students spend on everything from electronic equipment to food, it is easy to see how much influence back-to-school consumers can have now and throughout the school year. 

Download the Climate Counts Pocket Guide at the Climate Counts website, and join the Back-2-Cool Campaign on Facebook to get started on your own campaign to become the coolest kid in school. 

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