Thursday, October 14, 2010

10.10.10 - Just the Beginning

This past Sunday, 7,347 work parties were organized in 188 countries. The goal of each event was to do something tangible about climate change in our communities. As I wrote last week, the events were organized by The number and success of these events is clear evidence that there is concern all over the globe about climate change, and commitment to do something about it.

Obviously, these many events are just the beginning of a grassroots global movement, and you can join the effort by visiting the website for actions you can take in your local community and beyond to address climate change. Beach Cleanup on Lummi Island

It is also crucial that you vote for leaders who will enact legislation to combat climate change. Be sure to register and vote in the upcoming midterm election on November 2nd. You can check out the environmental voting records of your senators and representatives at the website for the League of Conservation Voters.

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