Friday, January 21, 2011

Seasonal Cooking and Harvesting Hope

My new favorite blog, Harvesting Hope, also happens to be written by Ten Ways world changer, Anne DeMelle.

Anne is an amazing cook, and many of her posts center around her cooking ventures. Like me, she strives to eat healthy, seasonal food, and this recent meal got rave reviews. Last night, after checking my fridge for the requisite greens (these recipes called for spinach and escarole, but I substituted kale and baby bok choy), I gave these recipes a try. A lot of the ingredients from this recipe came from local sources, including the farro, bok choy, and kale that I picked up at the farmers market.

 On Anne's advice, I added blue cheese to the farro, and the results were delicious. I plan on continuing to read her blog for more cooking and gardening tips. She's also in the process of becoming a master gardener, and she is going to guest blog on Weekly Way about some of those experiences too. Look for Anne's posts in the coming weeks, and check out her blog for more seasonal, delicious recipe ideas.

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