Saturday, October 11, 2008

Drop Hundreds of Pounds without Ever Leaving Home

With the economy in the toilet and climate change showing no sign of slowing down, there is real concern among environmentalists and policy makers that actions to slow down the advance of climate change (which will affect all of us in the long-term) will be set aside in lieu of immediate fiscal concerns (which are, of course, affecting us right now).

If you are interested in saving money and energy, there are many easy steps you can take today towards both ends. From changing your light bulbs to driving less, there are many suggestions for reducing personal carbon emissions over at the carbon calculator site Earthlab, which is a website I reviewed in a previous post.

Another good source of info is Low Carbon Diet, by David Gershon, which offers a plan and action items to follow to help you to eliminate 5000 pounds of carbon emissions in 30 days. A few intrepid Vermonters are also using this book as the basis for their group, the Carbon Shredders. The shredders have started what they have dubbed a “shredolution”, and their website encourages others to join the movement and start groups in their own communities.

Gershon’s book offers tangible steps and goals that readers can take to substantially reduce carbon emissions, as well as ways to spread the word in their communities about how everyone can do the same. The book also provides the estimated time that it will take to complete each task and any supplies you might need.

Read next week's blog for a profile on one of the shredders and the simple steps she has taken to become more carbon conscious.

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