Saturday, April 23, 2011

BP beats out Bank of America in Worst Company Death Match

This week marks the anniversary of the BP disaster, and it's also the week that BP was voted the worst company in America in a Consumerist Poll. Such a dubious distinction is a grim reminder of the devastation caused last year in the Gulf and the fact that there is still plenty that needs to be done in the region.

Greenpeace could use some help sorting through the 30,000 pages of documents they've requested from governmental agencies. There is probably plenty of key information to unearth in the mound of paperwork, and Greenpeace doesn't have the people power to do it alone. Greenpeace has created a site where anyone can view and comment on documents, which will help Greenpeace sort through the virtual pile.

The Waterkeeper Alliance continues to support all of the Gulf Waterkeepers impacted by the BP oil disaster. Visit their Save Our Gulf site to see what you can do to support the cleanup and prevention efforts of the Waterkeepers.

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