Saturday, May 21, 2011

Composting at last!

Well, we finally did it. After multiple attempts (failures) at implementing my own deck-composting system, two homeowner's association meetings, one presentation on the benefits and wonders of composting, and a little help from the city of Seattle (composting will be mandatory for multi-dwelling units in September), the homeowner's association agreed to order a compost/yard waste bin for the building.
Someone in my building still owns a typewriter!

I also agreed to be the composting steward for the building, the duties of which include educating the residents about the composting rules, fielding concerns, and pushing the cart to and fro from the curb every week. Yes, it's pretty glamorous stuff. To date, I've pulled 5 bags of trash out of the yard waste bin, and I've moved 3 pizza boxes from the trash to the compost. It's a good thing the compost and trash are conveniently located next to each other.

If you are interested in joining the waste reduction fun and  getting a composting program going in your building or at your home, check out Seattle Public Utility's website - it has all of the info you need to get started even if you don't live in the emerald city.

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