Friday, February 12, 2010

Last Minute V-Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is in two days, but there is no need to panic about what to get your crush or your beloved.

Consider Getting Nothing: I'm a big proponent of experience over stuff. Most of us have too much of the latter anyway, and as the No Impact Project reminds us, a zero-waste lifestyle is easier than you might think. Consider a hike or a romantic dinner made with organic, local ingredients.

If you are planning on buying a gift this V-Day, here are some excellent, low-impact options:

Much Better Than Those Cheap Candies in the Heart-Shaped Box: Organic, fair trade chocolates from Theo's Chocolates. As an added bonus, Theo's is based in Seattle, so if you live in the Pacific Northwest, it's a local gift too.

Shameless Plug: A copy or two of Ten Ways to Change the World in Your Twenties makes a great gift. It's full of ideas, resources, and inspiring stories. What's more romantic than changing the world?

Help Those in Haiti: Check out this recent post about organizations working in Haiti, and consider making a donation in a loved one's name.

Bring On the Waterworks: Send an e-card from Charity: Water. The proceeds from the card go towards clean water projects around the world.

Get Wild: Sponsor one of the Sierra Club's "wild places". Who knows what your sweetie will be inspired to do when they open this gift...

Free Love: Donate money to the Human Rights Campaign, which is working hard for equal rights for all.

Enjoy, and remember that every day is a good one to celebrate love.

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